Delta Suite

The most spacious of our rooms, a real master bedroom that can comfortably accommodate your family.
Wood is the element that distinguishes it, from the expertly restored antique parquet to the more modern Teak flooring in the shower, the antique furniture can be traced back to different styles but united by the elegance of the lines and the quality of the materials.
The bathroom is a single, well-balanced space thanks to the contrast of colors and materials, beautiful is the game of mirrors and the fully glass enclosed shower.
The light will flood your room thanks to the windows, two overlooking the garden and one with a balcony facing the fields and the river bank that turns golden at sunset.

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  • Room: 40-50mq

  • Bed: King size
  • Occupants: 2

  • En-suite bathroom: Yes

  • Towels: Yes

  • Mini fridge: Yes

  • View: Swimming pool

  • Air-conditioned: Yes

  • Wifi: included

  • Breakfast: optional

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Surely interesting and impressive is the presence of the two-meter-by-two-meter Jacuzzi covered in black marble, perfect in joining with the more classic architectural elements of the hand-crafted antique brick arch and the pink marble column.
The bathtub and the fireplace, original of the farmhouse which is the central body of our structure, make this room appear immediately welcoming, it is an invitation to the well-being of body and spirit.
The bathroom is separated by a glass wall that allows a glimpse of the French window from which to admire the peace of the fields.

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