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Patch (Talking Drums – Manchester)
Dj Hendrix
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Patch (Talking Drums – Manchester)

Patrick Ryder’s musical taste took shape in the Balearic capitol of the UK, Manchester. While studying literature and DJing in student bars, he looked up to local legends Moonboots and Jason Boardman and was hoping to combine his two loves, words and sounds, in one job. He found the perfect opportunity in 2012, when joining the Piccadilly Records staff. Quickly gaining responsibility, he started writing reviews and ordering records, while rocking out the full floral shirt / sandals / swimming shorts outfit behind the counter; once his beard and hair had grown, his dreams were fulfilled. Today, Patrick’s reviews and sales notes for labels are globally renowned for their quality (unlike this biography, because he didn’t write it himself). No doubt this will soon be the case for his skills as a selector and DJ. His own label Talking Drums was launched in 2018, and something tells us the second release will soon be announced.

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